Thursday, 1 July 2010

Moleskine Sketches One: 'The Lodge'

This time last year, I fell into a habit of drawing 'something' every day; it didn't necessarily matter what, and it was inevitable that not every piece would be my best, but the purpose of doing such a thing was to keep myself motivated towards the practice of drawing, and in the process develop a consistent body of work that, as well as providing something that could be shown to others and potentially sold, more importantly simply 'documented' my experiencing each day. However, with the pressure of the next University semester approaching, at some point, and though I am at a loss as to the particular date that it happened, I unfortunately fell out of this routine.
I therefore thought that since I have now finished Uni, I would try to motivate myself into once again instigating this process.
Today is the opening day of July, and here is the first, I hope, of many more drawings to come...

If you would like to buy or trade something for today's drawing, or any others seen on this blog, please don't hesitate to send me a message; thanks :)